E4 Entertainment (E4E) was started in the year 2012 with the objective of presenting content-driven films to the audiences. We are into feature film acquisition, production, funding, distribution and exhibition which make us one of the very few 180-degree movie companies in the South of India today. In this short period of 2 years E4E has presented eight films in Malayalam and one in Kannada all of which have been commercially successful and critically acclaimed. A 100% success rate in an industry where the average success rate itself is not more than 20% world-wide is testimony to E4E’s business understanding and prowess.
The top management of E4E has a team of professionals who have a combined experience of more than 50 years in the movie business. We are the only production house with such experience in not one but all areas of the movie business. We have an in-house production team which ensures the cost of production of our movies is done at the lowest possible cost without affecting quality. We have our own distribution set-up which is one of the best in South India and this business is something our management has vast experience in. We are the distributors to Fox Star Studios in Kerala and over the years our team has distributed more than 200 films. Our marketing team ensures the films are presented to the target audience in such a manner so as to ensure maximum intent to watch. But we believe our biggest strength is our ability to identify and source content which is what we believe is what the movie business is all about today.






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